Bucket list update: 55. Try out 20 different sports at least once.

So I began compiling my list of sports I had tried for my bucket list; I want to to have attempted 20 sports in my life time. Shortly after I started I suddenly realised, thanks to a good old British education, I've actually hit my 20 sports!!! All thanks to a very varied PE curriculum,... Continue Reading →


Camp fever 

Cabin fever: idiomatic term for the claustrophobic reaction a person who is stuck indoors for an extended period has. The term describes the extreme restlessness, agitation and irritability they feel.  Camp fever: pretty much the same thing! When you live behind the wire and haven't left camp for an extended period of time.  This accurately... Continue Reading →

Don’t be so hard on yourself love. 

I'm sure we are all guilty of it. Those little negative thoughts that pop up telling us we aren't good enough, we aren't fast enough, we aren't successful enough. I sure am. These negative thoughts must have some purpose; like all human behaviours they have survived evolution because they have some use or benefit. To... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: Week 3.

We have officially had 3 weeks of dog training! We are definitely noticing a difference in Duke, a positive change, he's much more compliant. While of course maintaining he cheeky personality. I'm feeling a lot more confident! I feel a lot more competent as the sessions go on . When we have to walk out... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: One week on.

Its been just over a week since we started attending obedience training. Our initial session saw us trying to focus a very frantic dog, while listening to someone talk a little critically about my size. Apparently the gentleman was slightly concerned Duke was large and may pull me over. Something people love to mention. And... Continue Reading →

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