*had to write today due to coming home at 1am*

What made me happy today?? 

We had our Summer Ball! A Mess Do is always fun. And I love a fancy dress Mess Do. Cue face and body glitter and a set of fairy wings. 

Glitter that is currently in every corner of my house, in my shoes, in my hair, all over my husband, in my garden, in the bed and there is probably a trail of glitter from the Mess to my House. Despite its tendencies to fall off and everywhere I wish it was socially acceptable to wear glitter every minute of the day. 

The outfit was a bit of a throw together after what I ordered turned out to be more of a mini tent than a fairy costume. I loved the look! Can I be a fairy every day please??

Of course my husband decided that he was going to be Harley Quinn. Why? Because he likes to be noticed! Well his real reason was he thought it would keep him cool in the summer sunshine unlike his normal head to toe fancy dress ensemble. 

It of course rained the majority of the weekend and was very chilly! Nevertheless we had a fantastic time. There was even inflatable laser quest ! Which I got far to excited about. 

We stumbled home at 1:30am. It was lovely to spend time with each other and our friends, let our hair down, chill out, dance and laugh. The recipe for a happy night.