My husband appreciated this one! I’ve been a nightmare for sleeping with the TV, or music and lights, for a long time. My poor husband hates having the TV on and had to wait for me to fall asleep before he could switch everything off and sleep himself.

I’ve always struggled to get off to sleep at night and I often get nightmares. Which is why I like the TV to clear my head. In the last few years my nightmares have gotten less frequent and I’m a lot more relaxed. So it’s been about time I kick the habit. It’s been on my “New Years resolutions” list for too long. Finally it’s cracked! 

Cracked because we lent the Bed room TV to a friend. No TV. No excuses. Now we have it back? I’ve got no excuse as I’ve already done it! 

One more thing off the list… hurray for personal development.