Ironically the last post I had time to make was a week ago and was about having time to enjoy life. I’ve be too busy, too tiered and at times too grumpy to type a post!
Today I’m back at it ! 

What made me happy today?? Gin time! 

My husband bought me a gift back of guns to try. And I’m far too excited to try them. 

Tonight I had a gin cocktail with an existing bottle of Bombay we had kicking around. Pineapple and coconut juice with a boat load of gin = goodness. It tasted realy tropical and served as a good replacement for vodka. I’m not a fan of vodka based drinks these days.
Both of us like abit of gin now and again: me the most I think. We are both definitely big fans of sloe gin and ginger beer, it’s our favourite Christmas tipple, and Bombay sapphire dry gin. 

I’m always up for trying new drinks and combinations. I feel like there should be more gin in my life..,,