What made me happy today?? 
I have a new item of jewellery thanks to my husband. And it’s so so pretty. 

I can’t wait to wear it. I have been eyeing up a Pandora bangle for a while. 

I love the pretty, intricate beads but the loose bracelet doesn’t look structured enough for me. 

I have been considering the bangles for ages. It’s just so lovely. But I hadn’t bought it for myself, considering it an unnecessary purchase, but realy wanting one.

I’m quite fussy with jewellery. I don’t like it to sparky, too big, too small, too this, too that (poor Karl). But I love the idea of having just a few beads on at a time; swapping and changing them to achieve a different look. I can’t wait to wear mine and collect a few more beads.

A mid week indulgence is fun.