What made me happy today?? 
Duke and I spent a few hours in the rain at the beach! We loved it. 

A grizzly day is definitely the day for a long walk. So we went down to the sea. Duke was able to be let off the lead as it wasn’t busy; his first time with lots of dogs about that we don’t know about! To my surprise he was so well behaved it was fantastic. 

It was such a nice day to go to the beach as the weather kept most of the people away. I much prefer the seaside on a slightly chilly or damp day. You can explore without bumping into lots of people. I like to climb rocks and throw stones; activities not so easy with people around. Plus a chilly day means you can walk along the beach without fear of burning or feeling too hot. Plus a little bit of rain hurt no one. 

We sat outside a cafe as it was still very warm. Had a piece of cake and a cup of tea then wondered home.