What made me happy today?? Sitting in the sun drinking wine with my husband and puppy. 

The weather has been so beautiful! If a little too warm to do anything that involves too much moving. Drinking wine doesn’t involve too much moving.

Neither of us could be bothered to cook this evening and our lack of outside furniture meant we where stuck inside. Being stuck inside on a day like today isn’t ideal. 

Karl suggested dinner in the mess so we could sit outside and enjoy the last of today’s summer weather.
By the time we got to the mess the bar was shut! Cue a quick run to the house to pick up a bottle of wine and bring it back so we could bask  in the sunshine and enjoy some dinner. No need to worry about the lack of garden furniture when we can borrow the mess’s.

It’s lovely to chill out together, chat, drink wine and enjoy each others company. It’s especially nice seeing as he has been away most of the week.