What made me happy today?? We are finally back to dog walks. 

Duke has been on bed rest till recently. He has been waiting for his stitches to heal.

Finally able to take a proper walk again. We enjoyed 3 walks today. Still on the lead but at least we are getting out. Duke’s confinement to the house has been tough on us both. 

Duke is better behaved, happier and mor relaxed when he’s been well exercised. We have been know to take up to 5 walks; we love it. And although I love to explore on our walks we stuck to camp as he’s still wearing his “cone of shame”.

My waistline and step counter are starting to suffer with the lack of walks. Having a pooch definitely gets you out the house and, as we have a very active one, I’ve normally covered double the distance I’m covering at the moment. 

And lots of walks together means lots of naps together.