What made me happy today?? I’ve finished work for the week. 

Yes I know it’s Sunday. My 7 days on has been long, life’s been manic, and clocking up a health amount of over time means I’m glad it’s over. Glad the week has been wrapped up. 
And it’s time to relax!! That Friday feeling has finally hit me. Especially as I know I’m off tomorrow. One day isn’t quite a weekend but it’s a bloody day. So I’ll take it rather than leave it. 

After a run to relax it’s wine and a bath time. 

I can have Friday on a Sunday right?? Yes I can. Fridays are brilliant! Yes you still have to work but the knowledge that you don’t have to set an alarm in the morning and the realisation that once you’re done you’re done, and you have the evening to yourself, is the best. More Friday feeling please.