What made me happy today?? Bank holiday wonderfulness. 

Bank holidays are great. A free day off! (I know it’s in my holiday allowance but it still feels like a free day to me!). An offering of a long weekend. And who doesn’t love a long weekend! 
We found ourselves today with no plans and some precious spare hours. We haven’t been to the beach in a while. We have both been so busy and last week Karl was away. The beach was calling (I was getting withdrawal symptoms). Bank holiday means a sneaky 24 hours of time together. Time for an adventure! 

We headed down to Mupe Bay; one of my most favourite places in Dorset. It’s such a beautiful spot and is often deserted.

I like going out on foggy or misty days. Everything looks picture book and strangely pretty. The sea was calm and it was only a small bit of rain! 

Duke, Karl and I climbed across rocks and enjoyed the deserted beach. Perfect.

Time with my two favourite boys makes me extremely happy.