What made me happy today?? A glitter body bar bough from Lush.

 Oh my god so glittery!! I love glitter. I love glitter so much that only thing that upsets me with lush bath bombs is that, although glittery in the tub, they don’t leave you looking sparkly once out the bath. 

The joy doesn’t last!! 

The wonderful lush sales assistant found me exactly what I needed. It’s called shimmy shimmy! It’s the best £5.50 ever spent. It leaves me sparking like a unicorn. And yes at 25 that’s exactly what I want!!!

Today was the day to coat myself in it. It leaves you looking like a unicorn human hybrid but it also smells dead yummy, is easy to apply and can go anywhere (even in your hair!). Made of Shea and Cocoa butter it’s left my skin nice and smooth (and sparkly!). 

Best product ever. 

Today I smothered myself in it and I’m loving my sparkly skin. It brings so much joy.