What made me happy today?? Karl and I had a lovely trip to the stunning city of Bath.

We went to Bath to take my granddad to a wedding and while he attended we explored what we could of the beautiful city. It was lovely to get away from camp but also out of Dorset. 

The approach to Bath is just studding, the buildings look so uniform, yet subtly distinct from one another, made from the same beautiful stone. All the buildings have there own individual charm. It’s pretty impressive when viewed from one of the hills.

I just love bath, we followed the river and explored the city centre. Lunch time was a cheeky glass of wine in The cosy club with some yummy tapas. 

Walking along the river is so lovely. Luckily we had some beautiful weather. Not too warm. A nice city to walk round; busy but not too concentrated so easy to navigate the crowds.

 The city centre streets are also quite quirky with lots to take in visually and lots happening; there was live music on a stage today and it was all pretty good. 

All in all a lovely little trip!