What made me happy today?? It’s a little sad I know. But I love having a tidy home. 

I love it.  But maintaining a tidy home can be hard work! 
In generally it’s pretty clean and tidy; but there’s nothing like getting into bed after several hours of cleaning and knowing that the house is going to look lovely when you wake up! It’s the small things in life (or maybe I’m alittle sad). 

Yes I’m overly house proud. This is our first home as well so yes I’m just a tad extra obsessive. 

Of course the dog followed me around and made a mess like shredded paper, bits of treats and broken up toys in each space that I had cleaned and tidied (because I clearly look like I love cleaning so much!) . He clearly just wanted to bring me more joy. 

The house looks and smells lovely; for the next 8 hours while Duke and I are asleep at least!