What made me happy today?? Karl’s away (not happy) but luckily I have Duke to keep me company! 

He’s not away for long 5 days or so. But away is not being hope all the same. 
I use to be really jumpy in the house when Karl was away. Every little noise would set me off. Having Duke makes such a difference. It’s hard to be scared when you have a 6 stone dog sleeping downstairs. Even though he’s a big wimp he cuddles up and keeps me safe and happy!

Of course I still miss my husband, but from the moment he goes the dog is extra snuggly and makes me feel much better. He misses his daddy I’m sure so he probably needs extra cuddles too.

Haveing a pooch is also good because I have to get out of the house for a walk so I don’t mope around all day ! He needs a walk so off we go.

I always say if Karl’s posted away for a long period of time I will have to break the no dogs upstairs rule.