What made me happy today?? A trip off camp. 
I live behind the wire. Sometimes I never get out from behind it! I work behind it, I run behind it, I walk the dog behind it. Rarely getting off camp unless popping to the shop. 

Sometimes I don’t realise I haven’t left camp for days. I don’t mind it as such. Everything I need is here and the view is t bad. But sometimes it’s good to get off and get away from the same buildings, rules and barbed wire. 

A friend (another lady who lives on camp) suggest we took the dogs off camp today for once. It was good. The dogs enjoyed a change of scenery and so did I! The views around here are stunning and a two hour walk definitely gave me the breather I needed! 

I’ve also been letting the dog off the lead so it gives me the opportunity to test him in unfamiliar surroundings: he was as good as gold! I have to remind myself to get off camp alittle more often.