Wrote Yesterday posted today. (Was a long day)

What made me happy today?? Today has been a hard day. A day unplanned for and unprepared for. Today felt like walking up the stairs at night and thinking there is one more step; your foot falls, your hart jumps into your throat. An unpleasant day. My amazing husband managed to bring some happiness. Managed to chase away the fear. 

No matter how bad the day there is my husband standing there: backing me 100%, reassuring me, making me feel braver. I’m lucky to have him in my life. He makes me feel loved but also stronger. He makes me feel like we could defeat anything. 

In my worst days and in my best days; there he is. Im very lucky. He makes me laugh when I feel my worse, makes me smile, makes me feel like the most important person in the world. Sometimes he annoys me till I finally relent and laugh. Sometimes he just knows what to say and when.

He is a constant source of happiness. Even when I feel my worse. Today he lifted me when I felt complete down in the dumps. Wiped away my tears, made silly jokes and made it clear he was there for me.

I married my best friend.  we can defeat anything.