what mad me happy today?? Anticipating bed time!

We have been away for the weekend. A wonderful weekend, but with lumpy sleeping arrangements, we slept on a very bumpy army mattress on the floor.  After two nights, following two very busy days, my own bed was calling me. All I could think about this morning when I woke up: getting into our bed. Snuggling down on our lovely memory foam mattress.

I love a weekend away but after a busy day there is nothing like your own bed. I missed my bed!! There are few beds in the whole entire world that feel as comfortable and wonderful as your own bed after a long day. Hopefully I will get to sleep in tomorrow so I can relish in it. If it wasn’t for the fact we haven’t seen the puppy dog all weekend (he was being looked after by a family member) I’d be in bed now. he needs cuddles.

I  just can’t wait to get into bed!