Had to post today as worked so late yesterday was straight to sleep.

What made me happy today?? I worked till late and was dreading the tip toe through the house. Having to keep as quiet as possible. Dreading trying to not wake man or beast (the husband or dog). But I had a pleasant surprise as I snuck through the door: They where up! 

Both Looking rather sleep on the sofa they had stayed up to see me. A quick cuddle with the dog and a chat. Much preferable than sneaking through the house trying not to wake people up, then laying in bed wired from the evenings events without being able to talk to anyone. For his good deed my husband had to listen to the nights event; then to me snoring. 
I hate sneaking through the house… mostly because I’m the noisiest creature alive. When I was younger  and worked earlys and lates I would come home and not a soul would be up! Both when I got up and went to bed. 

I definitely feel love when someone stays up.