What made me happy today?? A visit to see family. And cake. 

My family only live 45 minutes up the road. I’m lucky. My husband could have been posted anywhere but we are in the same area…and yet we still don’t see much of my family. Life can get in the way. Unfortunately there is always something that needs doing. Somewhere we need to be. 

Today we took the dog to the beach for a lovely long walk. Stopping by my grandparents house on the way home we got to finally sit down have a brew and a chat. Joined later by my sister and gorgeous niece we stayed for dinner. A very yummy dinner. Lots of my favourite things. I can’t explain how much I love roast potatoes. 

I got to hear all about how my niece is getting on at school and her holiday. She even read me a story she wrote in school. I also got lots of cuddles!! 

The dog was well behaved and we had such a lovely time. As it’s my birthday tomorrow there was even birthday cake!