What made me happy today?? 
What my husband buys on line. 

My husband buys the funniest stuff online. At times he’s an ingenious shopper (the ‘air sofas’ for the beach a prime example. I would have never of thought of that! Aswell as All my birthday and Christmas presents).  Then sometimes he’s down right daft (the bike light… when he didn’t even own a bike). Sometimes he buys the funniest things. 
I have to say in general he’s a pretty good shopper as long as he’s allowed to do it on the internet. Walking around shops with him can be a nightmare. But he is king of online purchases. 

Today’s possibly ingenious but definitely funny pitches a sgts head BBQ: I can’t yet tell if this is daft or brilliant .

So hears to lots of BBQs in this rather funny BBQ;