What made me happy today?? 
My husband who is literally the best!! I decided to dye my hair ( I’ve been blonde since birth). I decided to go red/ginger and it was unbelievably nerve wrecking. Halfway through dyeing it I realised I didn’t have enough hair dye!!! Oh the pain of having a lion’s mane. So hair half dyed and feeling a little stressed I did what I do in any moment of need; shouted for my husband. He jumps up and drove off to get some more and as we live far away from any proper shops it wasn’t a short drive. This meant not driving to one shop but all over the place. 4 shops later and he returns home with 2 boxes of hair dye. He is good. In fact he is brilliant. He’s very good and coming to the rescue. 

I’m not sure I’m sold on my hair yet but we will see!

When you choose someone to spend the rest of your life with it’s good to pick someone who puts up with your ridiculousness. Pick the man who runs out for hair dye and doesn’t stop till he brings back the right one.