What made me happy today??  
I finally did it, I built a large piece of furniture without a melt down…. and without bloody instructions. 

This sounds silly but building furniture is a nightmare for me. But I refused to back down and I did it!!!! 

Every time my husband goes away it seems to be when we order large pieces of furniture to arrive. This time it’s a new wardrobe for the bedroom. I also decided it’s time to rearrange the entire house. 
The new wardrobe arrives today which meant moving the old one into the spare room…. and because nothing is ever easy it needed taking apart and reassembling as our house is tinny.

No instructions and as a friend had taken it apart; not a clue how to reassemble. But out of sheer pigheadedness and stubbornness I did it !!! And all by myself!! 

Meltdown avoided. Feeling like Wonder Woman. Now hand me a screwdriver the 2nd wardrobe arrives soon!!!