What made me happy today?? A phone call from my husband. 

My wonderful spouse is away. The dog and I are snuggled up on the sofa, I’m of course snoozing, when the phone starts ringing. It’s my husband. I start sleepily chatting on the phone. I miss him. It’s nice to just chat. I do most of the talking.
We have had many of these sleepy half conversations while he’s been away to various locations over the years. I love it when his name flashes up on the phone. It’s nice to just chat rather than have a phone call with a purpose or particular direction. 

When he was away a lot I was stuck to my phone; always texting back and forth. Texting is great but sometimes it’s just amazing to hear someone’s voice. 

Missing a phone call and not being able to reach them after is the worst!! When he was posted in wales , or whenever he was abroad, I wouldn’t even leave my phone in another room when I went to the loo !! Just in case. Queen of rapid fire texting . 

I love that he still listens even though I’m deliriously sleepy but desperate to chat to him ! A brilliant way to end the day.