I’ll admit it. Last week’s running just didn’t go as I had planned. I wrote up a running schedule today with the hope I’ll stick to it because at the moment my attempts have been pathetic!There are 3 things standing in the way of my running goals lately: 


Weather and


I’m not sure where the motivation has gone as recent runs have been pretty good but the work schedule has been erratic so getting into a routine has been impossible. 

And finally the weather… it’s just been ridiculously windy, perfect running temperatures then far too cold then far too warm, but always far too windy. 

I’ve written up the schedule around the next 5 weeks of work rotas and dug out some of the cooler running gear. Now I just need to muster the motivation. 

I’m signing up for a marathon in the hope that this will supercharge me into training! I’m not crazy right?! We will see! So this week is the first week of marathon training. Wish me luck. 

Oh and I did just run 6 miles without grumbling so maybe I’m getting some motivation back???

Happy running.