Being an emotional shopper.

I love shopping, whether for me or someone else! I love a shopping spree or a little splurge but, I hate to admit it, I am one of those people who when they have had a long week or bad day reaches for their bank card and heads to the shops. 5 things that are far too true if your an emotional shopper:

1.Online shopping is the enemy. 

Online shopping has made it far to easy to be an emotional shopper, far too easy to reach for my phone and click, click, click… £100 of emotional purchases done. Some of my best items have been bought on the back of a bad day. It’s far too easy. I no longer have to even head into town! In fact I had a bad day today and I’ve just bought a wonderful pair of walking boots…

2. You buy stuff that you don’t really need, but your rational at the time seem sound

I’ve talked myself into more coats than I can count, stupid food and makeup items that are not needed (I’m looking at you gold mascara!). 

3. You spend more money than you would if you weren’t in a mood or sulking.

Happy Bella: £50 is a bit much for a sweater I don’t know if I will wear.

Moody Bella: need this. Need now. Bargain.

4. Some of your best purchases are a result of emotional buying.

My Vans are definitely the best shoes I ever bought! Sometimes emotional buying has resulted in a stroke of genius. 

5. Never do it after a few too many glasses of wine. 

This was the worst when my fella was away… I bought everything several sizes too big because after a few glasses of wine I tell myself I’m too fat to fit in the 8. I even bought shoes too big once as I was convinced my feet had become fat!!

One lesson I have learned: a shopping spree is much better done while happy!!!


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