I have set myself out some new running goals short term and long.  I want to see some improvement so think it’s best to add some structure. 

Short term: 

  1. Find a good NEW running route. 
  2. Run 4 10km runs a week. 
  3. Maintain my 9 min mile time.

By the end of this year: 

  1. Run at least 2 half marathons this year aswell as my other shorter races. 
  2. Run at least one 15km run a week. 
  3. Bring down my 5 km time. 
  4. Reduce my 9 min mile time to bellow 9. 
  5. Run a half marathon in 2 hours. 

Long term:

  1. Run a full marathon. 
  2. Reduce my half marathon time to 1 hour 50. 
  3. Reduce my 10km time. 

Some small goals but hopefully setting out some targets will keep me on track! 

Happy running 😊