Bucket list update: 105. Watch a play I would never have thought of watching.

It’s easy to get use to watching the same old thing; after all why fix it if it isn't broken? I love the theatre but find I tend to only go and see musicals. Growing up I use to watch all sorts of things. My Aunty was a stage manager so I was lucky enough... Continue Reading →


Bucket list update: 69. Picnic in Hyde Park.

Hyde park is one of my favourite places! Somewhere to get away from the crowded and chaos. An open space in the middle of the crazy, crammed city. I love it. It’s such an iconic part of London and it’s always great to people watch while relaxing. Despite the numerous times I’ve been I’ve never... Continue Reading →

Dorset Dog Walks Pt2!

We love to explore. Dog walks round Dorset are brilliant. Since we took Duke home we have been exploring as much of Dorset as we can. You can find part one of our favourite walks here. Wether it's beach, woods or riverbank we are there. Lulworth castle Lulworth castle is a brilliant walk. Our favourite... Continue Reading →

Running : not every injury is physical.

Running has been a major struggle for a while. Difficult, disheartening and my times have been down right dreadful. I have struggled and lacked even the slightest motivation. I had no physical injury (Well a tight hamstring but I’ve run though that for a while and that’s in recovery). What was stopping me? Apparently my... Continue Reading →

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