Big-dog-little-handler: try, try and try again.

A few days ago I posted about Duke’s progress and my distress that he seemed to be regressing again slightly!! His recall had improved for weeks then suddenly he started being silly. I was almost reduced to tears. He had done so well to suddenly go wrong was very distressing. Karl’s got a bad back... Continue Reading →


Big-dog-little-handler: oh how they test us.

We have had endless progress with Duke off the lead. We have been in the sea and up and down the beach. It’s been blissful. The progress has really surprises me. I love watching him run free! We have even been able to distract him from horses, runners, strange walkers/runners with sticks and other dogs.... Continue Reading →

Tower of London Premier inn Hub.

We had a dinner night in London this week. Due to a chaotic few weeks prior we hadn’t planned our time away very well. A week before we where due to go we still didn’t have our hotel booked. So cue a scramble to get ourselves organised. Karl booked us into a premier inn. Not... Continue Reading →

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