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An introduction to me


So… new to blogging, please be kind! I guess the polite thing to do is introduce myself?


I’m Bella, I’m in my mid-twenties and currently live in Dorset. I’m a runner so this will probably feature highly in this blog; I love running and like most runners I talk about it a little too much! I’m a newly married military wife, recently graduated university, moved home and entered ‘grown up life’. I’m a seaside lover and relish in the opportunity to take photos of it which is great because I live on the coast. I love the zoo, food (which will feature massively as I like to eat), shopping, sleeping (which probably won’t feature as you can’t talk much about sleeping!), fitness and going on little adventures. Currently I’m pestering my husband for a puppy so hopefully that will show up on here down the line (fingers crossed).  I’m dyslexic so I hate to say it but you may see a spelling issue or grammatical mistake that you will have to deal with if you continue to read! Although I do promise to try to keep them to a minimum.


I can’t say how often I’ll post as I’m new to this but it should be fun so watch this space


Featured post

100 days of happiness day 98: sea life centre. 

What made me happy today?? Sea creatures great and small.

We still have family visiting and typically the weather has turned! Rain and wind galore. So the desperate hunt for an indoor activity lead is to the Sea life centre in Weymouth. 
I like the one in Weymouth because it is really child friendly but still interesting for adults: and we had 4 adults and 3 kids! The exhibits aren’t in one large building but instead are dotted around the site; this means gaps of fresh air in between each area. I love this! Sometimes aquariums give me a bit of a headache but the gaps seem to prevent that (and you don’t feel so crowded when it’s busy). Plus if you have kids it’s great to expend energy outside! There is lots of information on display and some pretty amazing creatures.

They have an interactive rock pool which is very cool. It gives you the chance to touch the pool life. The crabs are pretty awesomem… and abit intimating. I found out that starfish have two stomachs and if something the eat makes them sick they can get rid of the whole stomach! Who doesn’t love a slightly yucky fact?  

My favourite is always the turtles. The little ones are so sweet, but the big sea turtles? They are just beautiful. I can’t help but stare. 

The “weedy sea dragon” might just be my new favourite sea creature. It looks like something from the Harry Potter series. Maybe Newt Scamander has accidentally dropped them into the tank on a fly by visit. Their movement is strangely ethereal, swaying in their little tank. They are so strange. And so very cool. 

Over all, a pretty lovely day. 

100 days of happiness day 97: sea shell hunting.

What made me happy today?? We went to the beach (again) and soaked in the goodness. 

The weather was much cooler, it was windy and clouded, which is much better for me. So I was pretty content. My husband’s family are visiting and the children wanted to looks for seashells. So we went hunting on Shell Bay. 
Shell bay is a gorgeous stretch of sand dotted with shells. I dipped my toes in the sea and helped the children hunt for interesting stones and shells. Is there a better way to spend your afternoon? 

We hopped on the chain ferry across to sandbanks to hunt for yet more. I, of course, was in my element. Shell hunting just happens to be a particular skill of mine. Due to my lack of pockets my husband found his weighed down by shells of different shapes and sizes.

This particular activity played a big part of my childhood, so even now, What ever beach we go to there is always time for shells. 

100 days of happiness day 96: Monkey World 

What made me happy today?? We went to monkey world! And I adore anything rescue centre/zoo in nature. 
Monkey worlds lovely (we have been a few time). The enclosures are fantastic, spacious and have great viewing points. 

The place feels less money magnet and more organic. No flashy signs but good old fashioned laminated A4 sheets with information about each animal, it’s background and group. However you do go home with a lot of wood chip in your sandals! There are loads of volunteers and staff walking around if you have a question or query. The site itself is pretty big, filled not only with mokeys and apes but also deer, chickens and other widelife (which are running free). There is a lemur walk through if you walk to get up close and personal with the monkeys.

The centre has a wide range of monkeys and apes to see. I adore the orang-utans; they are so expressive and playful. The babies just make my heart melt and the older ones look so soulful and deep in contemplation.

The site aims to raise awareness of the pet trade, mistreatment and use for experimentation of these amazing animals. Many of the monkeys have been rescued from harrowing situations and, thanks to monkey world, have gone on to lead much more pleasant and happy lives. So by supporting the centre, when you visit and spend your money, your also doing a little bit of good by enabling the centre to keep doing it’s good work. 

It’s a lovely day out. 

Bucket list update: 19. Learn to go to sleep every night without the TV on. 

My husband appreciated this one! I’ve been a nightmare for sleeping with the TV, or music and lights, for a long time. My poor husband hates having the TV on and had to wait for me to fall asleep before he could switch everything off and sleep himself.

I’ve always struggled to get off to sleep at night and I often get nightmares. Which is why I like the TV to clear my head. In the last few years my nightmares have gotten less frequent and I’m a lot more relaxed. So it’s been about time I kick the habit. It’s been on my “New Years resolutions” list for too long. Finally it’s cracked! 

Cracked because we lent the Bed room TV to a friend. No TV. No excuses. Now we have it back? I’ve got no excuse as I’ve already done it! 

One more thing off the list… hurray for personal development. 

100 days of happiness day 95: first dip in the sea of summer. 

What made me happy today?? The first swim in the sea of summer (well okay I didn’t swim. I dipped my legs ! But the crazy husband swam). 

You put it off over and over again; you know the sea is going to be freezing! Beyond freezing… as summer approaches, and the weather heats up, it becomes more tempting. Till finally you take the plunge. And it’s as cold as you expected! But not for long. You get use to it.

I love the first dip of summer! It means more are to come. A dip in the sea means I have nothing pressing to do for the rest of the day. It reminds me of being a kid and being brave enough to dunk your whole body under the waves. Spending all day in the sea. Refusing to believe you are cold, running from seaweed, jumping waves. All those lovely childhood memories tied to the freezing cold sensation of the sea.

It’s great to finally dip more than my toes. But alas I’m not hardy enough to swim! The dog enjoyed it too! 
Here’s to lots of sea dipping this summer! 

Weeks 22, 23 and 24: Duke the mad dog.

The last 3 weeks have been so busy. (Hence why I’m have to squash three weeks into one post). Karl, Duke and I have only just managed to relax.  

Duke has started going off the lead in public places; with members of the public. Sometimes that greatly worried me.
Our first trip was to the local beach. He enjoyed it so much. 

On the whole he has been pretty fantastic! Now and again he makes a mad dash for a picnic blanket on the beach or runs a little too far ahead; but in general he is pretty well behaved. And he’s flattened no one yet.

My handsome chap

To be honest I have been really shocked with how good he has been. He’s less bothered by the other dogs around him and much more focused on us. So much that we can be in a meter of another dog without him bothering them. He has been off the lead at our local beach a few times now and is even braving going further into the sea. He’s still a wimp though and won’t attempt swimming. But I think swimming just isn’t his thing.

Dukes getting much faster at following commands. Okay every now and again he will still take some time to ponder whether he really wants to sit down or not. And every now and again when I call him back he gives me a “yeah right” look. However, on that note, his recall is 100% better. Such a massive improvement resulting in him coming when called much of the time. I was on the phone the other day and he just kept coming straight back to me every time I tapped my legs. Other times calling him backs been pretty successful. Playing fetch helps as I can use it to teach him to listen and pay attention to me.

Duke loves a game of fetch! He loves his ball. He would carry it everywhere if I let him. And loves it even more when it’s being used for a good game of fetch. I love it too as it wastes lots of energy. 

Duke’s favourite pass time

His fence hopping has gotten out of hand. Due to this he is now on a longline if in the garden; if he sees something interesting he’ll just jump the fence quicker than I can process what’s happening. I never leave him in the garden unattended anyway. But I can’t catch him in time even if I can see the thought forming in his mind. We are going to have to work on that one! 
We have had a walk with my husband’s niece and 2 nephews today. I was really worried he’d jump up or be too boisterous. But he proved me wrong again and was superb. Very gentle. Im so proud of him. He seems to know when someone needs him to stay calmer. How could I ever have doubted him??
Duke’s newest friends appear to be bovine in origin; cows. Duke has made friends with the local herd of cows. It was very strange really. They came up one by one and investigated him through the fence. Even licking his snout! It was very sweet. They kept following him along the fence line; too cute. Maybe he is an honorary cow?

Duke’s demand barking has become hard work. He only does it to me, it’s always when I’m busy, and I always feel guilty after. I’m not sure how to handle it in the best way at the moment. It is definitely stress inducing and because he only does it to me in knocks my confidence abit. Any advice welcome.
The hot weather has been a struggle for him. He’s desperate to go out but the heat gets him quick. Luckily you can almost always find a muddy puddle to stay cool!! We have tried a cooling mat but he’s pretty suspicious of it. I’m hoping eventually he’ll love it.

I’ve notice a big difference in him since we got his “bits done”. I don’t know if it’s definitely down to that or something else; but we have a calmer Duke all the same. He still loves my attention though. He’s easier to calm down when he does get excited and hasn’t tried to jump anything! (Or one).

Love my boy. 

100 days of happiness day 95: animals 

What made me happy today?? Today Duke met cows up close and personal ! 

Not only did he meet them he seemed to make friends with them. He normally gets excited when he sees them from a far but we have not seen, till now, how he would interact with them up close. 
My big fierce hunter? Or friend to all? The big softy. 

The cows kept trying to go up to him and give him a sniff and a lick through the fence. 

They kept following the fence line when we moved away. It was a really wonderfully strange moment. The pictures are far too sweet. Just makes me laugh we people act as though he’s agressive.

100 days of happiness day 94: Gin

Ironically the last post I had time to make was a week ago and was about having time to enjoy life. I’ve be too busy, too tiered and at times too grumpy to type a post!
Today I’m back at it ! 

What made me happy today?? Gin time! 

My husband bought me a gift back of guns to try. And I’m far too excited to try them. 

Tonight I had a gin cocktail with an existing bottle of Bombay we had kicking around. Pineapple and coconut juice with a boat load of gin = goodness. It tasted realy tropical and served as a good replacement for vodka. I’m not a fan of vodka based drinks these days.
Both of us like abit of gin now and again: me the most I think. We are both definitely big fans of sloe gin and ginger beer, it’s our favourite Christmas tipple, and Bombay sapphire dry gin. 

I’m always up for trying new drinks and combinations. I feel like there should be more gin in my life..,,

The “antisocial” army wife.

Before I got married to my wonderful soldier, and before I moved to our first ever home, I was told again and again: “you’ll make so many friends” “the wives are always socializing”. Well. I’ve met some lovely people but I struggled to make friends. Half of the problem is me. I’m anti-social at times. In fact I’m starting to think making friends is witchcraft because I can just not master it. What’s the secret??
It’s not all my fault: I work 40 hours a week and get consumed in my own interest. I’m also not the most socially confident individual. I’m not, nor do I think I will ever be, the type of person to walk straight over to a stranger introduce myself and launch into small talk. A busy person I don’t make it to coffee mornings, meet and greets or family days. So I don’t really meet people. We also don’t have children. Having children makes it easy to meet parents and make connections outside school gates and taking children to play dates.
Now I don’t make it to the wives and family events, not because I don’t want to, but because I work a lot. I’m my own worst enemy as I’m not the biggest fan off attending things on my own. I do attend the Balls and Mess Dos! Mostly because my best friend does; my wonderful husband. I don’t have to worry when he is there. When he is there I don’t feel nervous or concerned. My social anxiety disappears.
I’m not friendless. For about 6months I had 2 friends in the area. I’m lucky since then I have made a few more friends that I can spend time with. The dog has helped and I already knew some people from when my husband was posted here before and I met people through work. These people have been brilliant and I wouldn’t change them. But I find my myself desperate for company now and again. Not always! Just every now and again.
In all honesty I’ve never been the most social person but I have always managed to make some friends. And when no one I knew was free I have always been good at keeping myself occupied; wondering into town and keeping myself entertained. But when you have moved to a more isolated area (where public transport is a myth) keeping yourself entertained isn’t easy! You need friends, much as I adore my new home and the beautiful view, friends are a must or you go crazy. The dog is a wonderful substitute, my big baby keeps me company in the house and on long walks, but I can exactly take him shopping or for a cocktail.
Suddenly I have become conscious of not nagging people to spend time with me and simultaneously trying to occupy myself while my mans at work or away. Trying to do my best to not force him into squeezing into the “female friends” role: coming shopping, going to watch films he hates, doing typical girl things. The phrase “we will come visit you after you move” is a well-meaning lie. There are a few friends that visit us. My “other” best friend, the wonderful Becky, visits whenever she can. She deals with rescheduling with easy and facetimes me when she can. She is a star.
I live on camp so I’m lucky that the friends I have made are in close proximity and that my husband is definitely my soul mate; and I couldn’t ask for any one better he puts up with my neediness. So he doesn’t mind being dragged around and being forced to entertain me. There are some wives who walk into camp and can make friends within an instant! I would love to know their trick. I’m definitely not one of them and it might make my life just a little bit more difficult. I’ve already started saying “our next posting I’ll make more of an effort to make friends, I will”. I’m not sure I really know how! I suppose I don’t fit the socialite army wife stereo type. Sometimes is does feel lonely out here. Isolated. But at least I’ve got my boys, the awesome husband and the dog, to keep me on my toes.

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