Big-dog-little-handler: Duke’s first sleep over!

We went away without Duke for the first time in about 11 months and it was the first time Duke had a sleepover without us! My dad and step mum had beastie while we spent a few days in London. Duke though wonderful and beautiful can be, well, Duke. He’s prone to a bit of... Continue Reading →


Tower of London Premier inn Hub.

We had a dinner night in London this week. Due to a chaotic few weeks prior we hadn’t planned our time away very well. A week before we where due to go we still didn’t have our hotel booked. So cue a scramble to get ourselves organised. Karl booked us into a premier inn. Not... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: Snow days.

So in case you are unaware: Britain has had a little bit of snow of late. On the south coast snow is often only a light dusting (if that) so despite severe weather warnings no one was quite expecting what we received. The impact on our little family was unexpected. Both karl and I ended... Continue Reading →

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