Big-dog-little-handler: Two month mark.

We have had another 4 weeks of dog trainin.  So we have now been going for over 2 months. I was feeling proud of all three of us. I felt like Duke had made tons of progress; That was until someone said “oh you have been going for ages now I bet he's really obedient... Continue Reading →


Running: Finding the love. 

I've had some awful runs of late . I've lost motivation again and again; and fallen a little out of love. The last few runs have felt more of a chore than something I genuinely enjoy. I had signed up for the Bournemouth Marathon festival 10km last year. I've done the run before and thought... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: Week 4&5

In my last post I was thinking about mixing up Duke's treats during training; My mixed bag of treat was very successful. Clearly just like people dogs can get bored of working for the same treat. We have had a few training seasons where Duke had struggled to pay attention the first 10 minutes. He... Continue Reading →

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