28 weeks of health and fitness: week one done!

Last week I set myself the following goals; 1. Drink lots of water. - I’ve managed to stick at this one! I take a bottle of water out with me when I walk the dog and keep one on my desk at work. 2. Exercise daily. - I have managed this one! And I’m pretty... Continue Reading →


Big-dog-little-handler: we have him jumping through hoops!

No literally! He’s jumping through hoops now! And running through tunnels. And all sorts of things, but not quite weaving (we don’t really like the weaving). Most importantly we have progressed to doing it off the lead! Who ever thought that would happen!?! Not me. I didn’t think we were ever going to get there.... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: have a little faith.

Picture it. You have a lovely if some what boisterous dog. You lay the foundation down. You dog sits, lays down, comes when called and follows lots of other commands. However...he’s easily distracted and therefore messes up when distractions are around; a dog barks and he goes to investigate, a sheep in a nearby field... Continue Reading →

28 weeks of health and happiness

I’m trying desperately to get myself back on track! I was doing so well until our little family was hit by some difficult times. Now that things are starting to settle, and I’m feeling more emotionally settled myself, it’s time to get back on track!!! Back to myself. After a long string of bad luck,... Continue Reading →

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