Big-dog-little-handler: My dog will never be able to do that!

My dog will never be able to do that, I’ll never be able get him to do that - I’m guilty of saying it. Not just saying it but of thinking and feeling it. The thing is it’s wrong! All dogs are capable of so much more than sit, stay and paw; even though sometimes... Continue Reading →


Bucket list update: 90. Have our photograph taken by a professional

Photos are brilliant, a lasting image of a favourite memory or a favourite person. They capture our happiness and our most precious moments. I love taking photos; of the seaside, my husband and my wonderful pup, I love to take photos of everything and anything. One of my favourite things to do is go wondering... Continue Reading →

Running : not every injury is physical.

Running has been a major struggle for a while. Difficult, disheartening and my times have been down right dreadful. I have struggled and lacked even the slightest motivation. I had no physical injury (Well a tight hamstring but I’ve run though that for a while and that’s in recovery). What was stopping me? Apparently my... Continue Reading →

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