Bucket list update: 96. Do a good deed every day for a week.

So for 7 days I've aimed to do a good deed every day. And I'm happy to say I succeeded. Now I don't want to focus too much on the deeds themselves; because I think advertising it is kind of against the point. This week has made it clear good deed’s are easily done. It’s... Continue Reading →


2017 you have been brilliant.

The year is coming to an end, like most, I’ve been reflecting on the year we have had. Thinking about whether I have accomplished my goals, thinking about what I have achieved and most importantly thinking about what fun we have had. It’s been a crazy, beautiful, brilliant year with lots of change; We expanded... Continue Reading →

Dorset dog walk,

Since we got Duke, our Rhodesian ridgeback cross English mastiff, we have been exploring all the dog friendly sites of Dorset that we can. We have found quite a few wonderful places that are worth visiting; Upton country park. One of our favourites! Not only is it massive with lots of different paths you can... Continue Reading →

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